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December 14, 2004



I'll stand with you!!! Name the time and place!!!


X-Mas or Christmas --- both have become secularized to a point where Christmas is not Christmas any more. Businesses look at the season as a way to get into the black. Santa Claus has replaced Jesus as the central point of the holiday. The Savior may have come, but Santa brought the Playstation 2. The entire season has become so secularized and when Christians look at the season now, it doesn't have that Christ-coming-in-flesh meaning anymore. So we give up the public displays of Christmas...we give up the religious Christmas carols and change the words to certain ones as to not offend...we make Jesus take second place to Santa. We can't be surprised.


I agree with you. We should use Christmas and mot X-mas. We should remember Christ at Christmas. After all it is CHRISTmas. He was born at Chrismas. Santa isn't real, so we shouldn't tell kids that he is. God has provided our parents with the money so they could buy the presents, but they still put From: Santa. Stand with it. We all miss you at St. Peters.

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